Leasing Benefits


By utilizing a more advanced TFE731-3-2AP engine, you will reduce stress on the engine as a whole. This in turn, gives you the increase in safety and performance while increasing the ITT limits and the engine's margin.

  Monitoring N1 limits v. ITT limits

While the STC allows you an increase in ITT, it also allows you to fly by N1 speed; thus maximizing the engine's performance.

  Higher ITT limits

Increased ITT limits and power gets you to altitude faster and saves you money on fuel.

  Altitude Achievement

Achieving altitude faster will allow you to reduce fuel consumption and increase range.


Durable parts with higher ITT limits means less work for your engines to get you where you need to go.

  Maintenance Free

All maintenance and services are covered by International Turbine Leasing. No matter the repair or service, we've got you covered.

Feel comfortable knowing that you not only have top of the line engines... but safer, fuel efficient engines, saving you and your customers money.

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